Online Art Teacher

New Service- Art Teacher Suggestions on line by an Experienced Art Teacher

Ever get well into an artwork of your own and wish for some objectivity in how to proceed?
As an experienced art teacher I am offering a service for just such a quandary. I can offer suggestions on composition, color, what may be needed to improve your work.
How it works:
You would purchase an Art Teacher Suggestion Service here which would consist of
one image sent and one response from the instructor. This service will cost $10.00, USD.
You will take a photo image of your work . I will receive an email notice of your purchase.

After you purchase my service you will send your image of your artwork to my email, along with any specific questions you may have for the work.
I will evaluate the artwork and send you specific suggestions on how to proceed, ideas that I think will improve the artwork, as well as what is really working well already in it.
I may send an image of a sketch to illustrate my ideas for your work, or
take a photo of your artwork and mark upon that to send back to you.

I have been working as a professional art instructor for over 25 years, with many different media and with all age groups and experience levels. I feel that I can help to improve art endeavors and provide some good help.

please send your art to following email address

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