Creating art is a compulsion, not a choice for an artist. At the call of their muse, the art will flow, turning a blank sheet into a vision of worlds yet unseen. For Patricia Carlson, this muse resides in nature, peeking out through the tall old trees that vibrate with wisdom, wafting through the air with the fragrance of roses and rain. Her watercolors are a reflection of her ties with the great living breathing earth that cycles around her. Sometimes it is a moment of captured beauty that the rest of the world would have missed in our efforts to push through our busy lives, other times Patricia’s work gives us a glimpse of a world we never could have seen at all, a magic in nature that exists just below the surface. The compulsion of an artist is to take the world they see and feel, and bring it to light for all to see, and for Patricia, this world is our own, only so much more beautiful.

Patricia Allingham Carlson watercolor and mixed media paintings are of real and imagined people and places. The paintings are frequently textural, suggesting multiple layers of images through time. Ancient scenes, structures, people from long ago, and other realms weave through many of these paintings. Patricia hides faces and figures in her Dreamscape paintings as subtle representations of the life spirits in living and inanimate subjects. Or perhaps as the impression left by those who passed the scene long ago.

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