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We’d moved; from a triple DDD of a house to a B cup. We sold, donated, threw out so much stuff to fit into our new place but still had a garage full to go through. Over the past year I have looked through the boxes and disposed of or placed most of it.

One thing I kept was a coffee can full of keys from my past. Keys- all sizes and shapes and ages, none of them functional any more but there they were. Key memories. A key stamped MOM, for my mother, to her old house. A key to my first home, my first, second and third car. To a suitcase? A padlock? A key I had scratched the work BACK into for an old back door. I could remember every place, car, person I was with or loved that was associated with those keys, and I could not seem to part with them

So I googled what to do with old keys, and I found my answer; make a memory key chime.

Busy life, I assembled it all in a box- fishing line, beads, more old trinkets, keys, my pliers set, jewelry findings, then left it. I began searching for a round top to hang it all from. Time passed. One day my husband was working with my young genius grandson to teach him how to take things apart- LOL- and they had a broken ceiling fan in pieces. The round top part was perfect for my project, so I brought it to my box.

During a recent art class break I got out the whole shebang and got it going. Stringing the beads and keys were a meditative pleasure. I made a strand with favorite colors for each of my family members, and one with rainbow colors. I made one for my mom who had passed. I made many in orange and turquoise because I found those colors pleasing. Old broken necklaces, fishing tackle, a butterfly from an old mobile, they all got strung there.


Putting the creation together, not so easy, for me. I have an artistic mind, not a highly mechanical one. I got some assistance from my husband for this part, appreciated that. Tying fishing line knots required some research for me, and made my fingers sore…but finally it was done.

I hung it outside on a cold and breezy day and took photos, made a short video, and smiled at it. I really loved the thing, and was proud that I forced myself through the work of it.


There is a song by Dan Fogelberg called Souvenirs, with this line

…And here is the key
To a house far away
Where I used to live
As a child.
They tore down the building
When I moved away
And left the key unreconciled.

My memory key wind chime.

Have a fine day to all, may you enjoy your memories too.