“pareidolia”- do you experience this too?



Can you see the face in this tree?

How about the faces in these paintings I created?

Just Beyond


Old Ones, Wise Ones II


I am an art teacher as well as an artist. A recent occurrence in my children’s art class led me back to ponder the term pareidolia. I had made copies of my personal collection of “face tree” images for the children to use as landscape composition subjects. All of the kids in the class could see the face images. They had fun with the subject, even as I reinforced the step by step process of working from background to middle and foreground.

Very interesting to me was that when their parents arrived to take the children home, I realized upon sharing the images with the adults that most of them did not “see” the “faces” in my photographs.


Pareidolia is  “the imagined perception…

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