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What a year this has been…a very full one for me. Oh, how life has its ups and downs- people move on, illness can fall for the very ones who should never be ill. We all have our dreams and our worries and fears; dreams come true and new ones are imagined. When I hear a friend say, What can we do about all these worries for the world? I say , we can say a prayer or a wish for peace and resolution, then stop worrying and move on.

Life is very sweet when you consider the alternative-

So I am writing a thank you note.

I am thankful  for the beautiful earth that we live on. It is full of the most wonderful sights to see, places to be in. When I visit a huge gorge with the cliffs soaring up like cathedral walls I can hardly contain my exhilaration.

22indian river sunset

When I see the vivid colors of the setting sun sky, I am filled with awe.


Sitting quietly by a singing stream I am filled with peace. There are few places in nature where I do not feel the presence of God.

I am thankful for my family; for my husband of many years for his support and friendship. We have had many adventures together, from the hair-raising type to the shared joy. My children have grown into fine adults and added to their own families with fine spouses who have become like my children as well. Grateful I am for the two sweet grandbabies I can adore. Grateful too for my sisters and mother. Though they live far away, we talk and laugh often, share our love.


My friends have brought so much into my life; I am so thankful for them! The shared fun, the empathy and kindness they have shown, the support they have given are priceless. Fran, Pat, Jeanne, Sue,  Lins, Ad, Dave, -Thank you my buddies!

I am thankful for my two dogs who give such unconditional love and friendship.  Grateful that I have a home, enough to eat, and have two legs that work well to take me where I want to go.

I am also very grateful for my love of art.


The act of creating art is almost transcendental; while creating, time stands still, energy rushes in, paint flows and takes shape before your eyes. For me art is magical. It can fill me with excitement and take me anywhere I can imagine to travel. Art time = Joy.

Thank you to my customers ; you make it possible for me to keep on doing what I love.It means so much to artists to have you share their vision of the world and appreciate it for yourself.

Thank you to my art students, aged 4 – 70 -something. You come to my studio weekly, work so hard at your art, entertain me with all the fun, and inspire me with your ideas and creations. You all rock!

And Thank You for taking the time to read my blog, to look at my art, to chat with me about art ideas here and on facebook. Thank you for your support and your kindness, they motivate me to keep creating.



To all- I wish you a blessed Holiday season, Winter, and a prosperous New Year.

Peace on Earth.