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My cool, bohemian fashion forward sister was wearing it, on a long chain around her neck. A silver orb, a bell that chimed so softly , sang with a ringing tone yet muffled; as though from behind a veil to another world.

I was enchanted.

And touched when she gifted me with my own necklace bell a few weeks later. It was Christmas time, and I wore it every day, holding it to my ear and hearing the magic bells chime, feeling the fairies dancing. That was over twenty years ago and I still bring it out every December. To those who don’t know of its magic, it looks like a festive holiday necklace. But it holds the key to my imagination.



Orbs and spheres are magical shapes. They go round and round, the beginning and the end, containing worlds within them. Circles of life, symbols of eternity. To enter into one is to enter another realm where anything is possible.

I often use spheres in my artwork. I figure a little magik can’t hurt. I paint round entrances into the other side of the veil, portals opening in the distance,

windlestrae blog

Windlestrae Bek windlestrae blog

small glowing orbs in the air


Firefly Frolic

and on people’s brows,



beautiful spheres, mysterious ones and perhaps dangerous ones too.


An Other Place

All that we wonder about, all the mystery that floats on the world’s winds, legend and myth can be painted about. Adding magical circles can lead me on a fine imaginary adventure in my artwork. Maybe you too?


Kiss on the Cheek

Today I don my fairy bell necklace, listen and smile as it chimes, gently hold it near the ear of my baby grandchild and share its magic song with her. Perhaps it will add some magic to my day; and it will surely remind me of my sister’s loving gift to me.

Have a very fine day, all.