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“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.” ~L. Drachman

She is a guardian. She is a fairy. She has blue hair and flies around my head.

No, I can’t see her, but two of my friends who are more “in touch” with their psychic side have told me of their thoughts on the matter. And that she is my guardian.

But she certainly makes herself known.

Over the years I have worked and taught in my home studio, I have had many, many artists and students create art in the room with me. Hundreds of people have worked there, and so many times I have heard, “I do my very best work here, in this room. When I go home, it just isn’t as good”.

And “Where did the time go? I just got here!”

When the muse is there she creates an amazing thing- inspired silence. Energy  flows through the room, crackles the atmosphere. Everyone in the room is bent over their work, art flowing through their hands. If I inquire if anyone wants help I am met by silence.

And that session’s work is wonderful.

When the muse is absent, it is apparent to all; tortured doubts, inertia, much sighing and many requests for guidance are heard. All progress made is fought for like climbing a steep hillside. Nothing about the art feels perfect that day.

But the muse- when she is there is so capricious! She craftily steals hours away from me, and I don’t even mind. She gives a glow, a magic to my work, flows her energy through my insides and outward to my hands. A dab here, a splash of color there, it is just perfect. All artwork is fought for, but when the muse is there the battle is stacked in my favor.


She is a trickster, this muse. She has dropped a little piece of paper from the ceiling onto a student’s work. Splashed drops of water onto several people’s faces and necks on days when only pencils were being used.  Stolen paint brushes, visuals, artwork, only to replace them later in unlikely places. Or not at all.

I make jokes about the “brownie” of the studio.

Imagination is a tool, a gift, a force of nature. My imagination is fed through reading, seeing, fantasizing, playing, people, animals, music…  It makes me very curious about most everything.  I am rarely bored in my life with it for company.

So if my muse of the studio is entirely created from my imagination that is quite fine with me- the art she inspires is a wonderful present to my students and I!

I hope for all you artists of all artistic disciplines that you too know the joy of a muse in your studio~

Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.” ~L. Drachman