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Why does someone become an artist/writer/musician/actor/dancer, etc…?


1. It is easy

Yes, indeed, it is sometimes the easiest work of all! At such times the art flows almost without thought from the mind and spirit outward to the paper, canvas, piano, keyboard. But this is after years of training, years of practice and work.

Those years can be full of joy, but will almost certainly hold fear and insecurity, self doubt or even self loathing. Because the standard for the artist is set by himself.

Viewers may tell him his work is awesome or poor, but he is the one who knows when it is right. And we can be our own harshest critics.

2. It is fun


Yes, it is fun! Sometimes. As a visual artist my senses delight in the color and texture I work with. It is such fun to use my imagination to think up new ideas to create, and fun too to enjoy the reactions of my audience when I have been successful.

Not so fun when I have no time to create because of life’s demands. Or when I have time to create and simply can’t.

Worse yet are those periods of time when the artist does not want to create at all, so blocked by discouragement or life events that the Muse flees. At such times the artist feels like he has lost himself, is less for it. The world loses color and his spark dims.

3. The work pays well

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Well, I guess for some that great success can generate great income. But please do not give yourself to your art as part of a plan to become wealthy. Long hours of practice, devotion to your art form, passion for your vision should be the realistic expectation.

4. To be famous


Some do become famous. It would be helpful here to be related to a famous person-

Many do not achieve fame. This is not an expectation that should be your only driver.

5. Because they are good at it


And now we get closer to the reality of the matter. A physically talented person can be driven to become a successful athlete. A person with a love for the order of numbers can become successful in business. An intelligent and creative person an entrepreneur.

And a person with a natural talent for drawing, singing, writing, etc… can become a successful artist. Because if you are naturally good at something, the path is easier to take on. We enjoy practicing something we are good at. Such practice leads to achievement, that is obvious to see. Success generates success.

Natural talent is a far better reason to become an artist.

6.Because they have to.


Ah, and here is the heart of the matter. The passion for your art, the excitement of your practice of it, your involuntary thoughts of it, the challenges you enjoy meeting. That is why you become an artist.

The artist may be having dinner, taking a walk, sitting and appearing to be doing nothing while his mind is exploring vast pathways of his medium. You observe him daydreaming, but he is actually fully awake, living in a reality all his own as he sorts and seeks and figures out a creative journey he is on.

And when he gets the time to set out and actually create his vision with his medium, the hours will disappear, time will stand still; he will soar on wings of his art as high as the moon.And far beyond. If his journey brought him close to his goal, he will be absolutely exhilarated!

And in love with his creation…for a little while, anyway.

“The ability to dream is all I have to give. That is my responsibility; that is my burden.” ~Harlan Ellison

Wishing you a fine day.