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  •   What does art mean to you? Art is a record of the human spirit, the display and expression of what is seen, felt, revealed or even imagined by the artist.
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  • It is heard in the thrilling notes of a song, felt through the exquisite movements of a dancer, the emotional connection to an actor, or seen in a painting that grips the viewer on a level deeper than vision.

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    I think that artists are compelled to create their art. They feel a need to record what they have observed about living in the world and amongst the people in it.Artists need to show what they have imagined, and to play with their medium of expression for the sheer joy of living with their ability to create.

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    Further, they yearn to put meaning to the immense emotions that the act of living generates, the joy and sadness, the confusion and wonder, the search for meaning and the spirit which we humans all experience.

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    When the writer, the dancer, the singer or the painter has created, and the viewer can find truth in that expression, you are close to the meaning of art.

    What is the meaning of art to you?

    Have a beautiful day all.