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Nostalgia is when you want things to stay the same. I know so many people staying in the same place.
Jeanne Moreau

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My only sibling remaining in my area is moving away, far across the country. Grown women, we, weathering marriage and childbirth, celebrations and mourning,  I go back to the sweet days of friendship and closeness as little girl sisters.


My other sibling moved away some years ago, and the surge of nostalgia was more unformed. This time it strikes with an aching poignancy, leaving me to process why through writing and art.

An era is over. My sisters have moved on, leaving me the wisps of memory shared to build their own new ones. To grow, evolve, become better at the art of being oneself, the past must be left behind, one must move on and upward.

mem7 Tapestry of Memories

My own life is rich with family, friends, children and now grandchildren. I travel with my husband, plan exciting vacations camping with family and friends, have my hobbies, create my paintings-

…yet my memories of sweet childhood adventures and boredom with my sisters still pull at my soul. Innocence, fantasy, a time when the world was far more new…

lightning-bugs-3 Firefly Frolic

So this is my writing to process my nostalgia. To understand why it is so difficult for me to “let go”. To remember that each of us have our own lives, and must be free to live them for ourselves, not for others who wish for stasis.

My sisters have moved on, away. Nothing can ever be the same.

On to my own new adventures.

Breathe in your beautiful memories of the past, savor the sweetness, and then go forward into your own new days-