Art Experiments with Watercolor and Sand.


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Sometimes I am brimming with ideas for artworks I want to paint. Often I am not. In our busy lives we sometimes don’t  have the time to create, express the ideas swimming around in our heads when we have them; how frustrating to have the time to create and no ideas to work with!

On such days I may organize my completed work, touch up some old work, or just haul out a variety of materials and experiment.

I love experiment day, it is the most fun kind of grown-up art play I can imagine.

On this day I decided to try sand, water and paint. I don’t know where that idea came from, but I enjoy creating new textures to paint on, and wondered what these materials could do.

Outside I dumped sand onto paper, wet it, drew in it with my finger, then dropped concentrated watercolor paint onto it. Then I let it dry, and brushed off the sand.

That was really fun!

(By the way, I kept the colored sand for another future experiment!)


Here’s what one image looked like dry. My own imagination does not process mechanically; it took a facebook viewer to say she saw an automobile in the image. Yep, there was a car.


I researched different types of cars, found an old Cadillac that fit the need. Started sketching it in.


Then painting.


And it became Pink Cadillac.

Fun indeed, and I had painted my first realistic car. That was a challenge I learned from, set up by chance and experimenting.

That is just what I love about experimental approaches. You never know what new idea will be born, what texture or color or form might be created. If you can imagine a unique way to apply paint, why not try it? Nothing to lose, right? And if you find something cool that works for you, share it with me—  Please!

Have a fabulous day, all.

3 thoughts on “Art Experiments with Watercolor and Sand.”

  1. very cool!

  2. Awesome work👏👏👏🔺

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