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Can you imagine creating your art without feelings? Art with no emotions involved? I suppose a technical illustrator would have to draw without emotional involvement with his drawing; artists and craftsman don’t work that way.


Listperson I, overwhelmed with tasks and bottled up, unexpressed artwork.


Portrait of Alone, based on a frightening and detached experience one early morning.

A strong feeling, an intense emotional situation sends me running for my studio. As I work it out on paper I relive it. I seek to express it in a cathartic manner, joyful, poignant, sorrowful or confusing as it might be.


Transformation, Breaking Through

I go into the painting, becoming the people, the place, the history and the colors as I create it.  If I am lucky, I paint parts of this experience, my self, right into the artwork.


Tapestry of Memory

A drive past an apartment complex brings memories of all those folks I knew who lived there, myself as a younger woman visiting them; stirring memories of others from the past who live now in my heart.


Birch Tree on the Top of the World- seen as I exultantly reached a mountain top and was elated with the beauty and mystery of the vista.


Gorge at Watkins Glen- filled with emotion, breathless with the wonder of nature and God as I drifted through this natural cathedral.


Butterfly girl, emerging as my heart overflowed with the love for a new little baby in my life.


Moonheart- an artwork born from love, mystery and communion with the moon and a dear friend who shared my love for Luna from across the world.


I Was There, and It Was Mine-  from a poem I wrote about the mystery of a haunted house; wondering if the spirit who seemed to remain felt such a longing for the family who bloomed there but had now moved on.

We all have such complex emotions, feelings that bombard us, sometimes enriching our lives, sometimes making us crazy! For me painting them out is a valuable way to keep balance. Expressing them through art helps me to examine, process and accept or repudiate them- a  kinetic meditation of sorts.

And the beauty or fear, the wonder or the grief, the joy of living all get painted over and over by thousands of artists through the ages.

I wish you a beautiful day.