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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”. ~ThomasMerton

art muse fb

art muse fb

Overall- what’s the better part of art- the process or the product?

I posed this question on my facebook art page. Thinking about the true state of creative bliss, where you lose time, the art flows, you are one with your creation.

I have friends who are authors and musicians who feel exactly the same way. Then I wondered about the actual creations which can emerge from such a creative session; the joy and pride when you feel the work is good, solid, real.

Which is the best part? Here are some answers from some other artists:

#1  For you, the process. For us, the product.

The Art of Patrcia Allingham Carlson What an awesome comment- thanks on behalf of artists everywhere

#2  The process is so therapeutic..but trying new supplies is very energizing… I vote for the process cause it’s my favorite way to lose the world…

The Art of Patrcia Allingham Carlson Good words, thanks for sharing your thoughts!
The Art of Patrcia Allingham CarlsonAn interesting thought- in the art of dance, the process is the product~
#3  The process because I learn along the way…
  • The Art of Patrcia Allingham Carlson  thanks- while creating you learn so much-
    • #4  It’s all Mixed Emotions for me ,excitement as I think of an idea or revisit an old one ,then drawing it and doing the initial line work which is the stressful part for me but once it has dried all that is forgotten when the colours come on that’s the fun part ,then painting the linework and detail is the therapy part as one just gets lost for a while then comes the pleasure of doing the final touch ups seeing the end result and being happy with it ,and finally the enormous joy of the moment it sells especially for me as it usually happens when I need it the most oh and also as a buyer of other people’s Art , it is of course the Product ….I see ……….I love …..I buy ( if it is within my budget at the time or have a spot to put it ) at the very least I see and admire it which is also good as an Artist ,because as I say as long as some one sees your work smiles or thinks about it even for a moment then our job as an Artist is done

    • The Art of Patrcia Allingham Carlson This has been an interesting discussion- overall it seems that artists most enjoy the process of creating art more than the end product- though the end product is an big part of the journey. And I guess that is what it is all about- it’s the journey, not the destination. Share your thots-
      #5   For me…because I am an artist the process is a journey for me. Starting with an idea and putting that into brush into water then paint and onto paper. Arriving at the end is an exhilarating feeling.
      The Art of Patrcia Allingham Carlson A journey- arduous or smooth, each one a different exploration and all building on what’s been learned from previous ones- what a trip. And if you’re lucky, at end end, a painting child of the heart, right?
      #6    I love the process, the finished product is just the results of the wonderful process. With any luck it turns out great as well!
      The Art of Patrcia Allingham Carlson The process does seem pretty magical- sometimes – I agree. Time stands still, energy flows, what a joy.
    • The Art of Patrcia Allingham Carlson Tho it can be less fun when the work is not what you wanted it to be.
    • Reflections from the Artist’s Garden  The process! But it’s nice to have a product that I am happy with too!
      #7  The process for me – absolutely love it! And then the satisfaction at the end.
    • http://lunaessence.etsy.com  the process and then enjoying the product on someone else
    So though we all seem to enjoy the product of our art forms, the vast joy comes from the actual creating process. When you arrive at this state of musedom, it can be one of the most charged and exhilarating of life’s experiences.
    Create on!
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