Creating Dragon’s Eye


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I am reposting Dragon’s Eye for the New Year.

An accident in the studio- a piece of safety glass was cracked; it remained attached in a single piece. As we discussed its disposal, my husband thought to slide a piece of watercolor paper under it and drip liquid watercolor through the cracks… hmmm. We did it!


Well, I let it dry for a week, then slid the broken sheet of glass off and threw that out. A richly textured stained paper was left. It had texture on texture, really impressive! I scraped off as much splintered glass as I could, then studied the thing. I had no idea what to do with it and set it aside.

It remained so for 3 years. Every so often I would pull it out and look at it, but it remained silent, and waiting. Then I saw what it would be. The texture was very reptilian and I decided on a dragon. I researched close up photos of reptiles eyes. I drew in the eye of a dragon.


This became an obsessive piece for me; I bought a dragon wall gargoyle, I listened to music that pictured dragons for me, I painted and had much fun!


I started work with the eye itself. I used watercolor ink full strength to cover the eye area completely. I have always loved painting and drawing eyes of all kinds, and this part was a easy to complete.


Close up of the eye.


In order to include the proper dragon anatomy- my vision of it anyway, I added paper surrounds to complete the whole head as a sketch. Looked right to me-


Done- Dragon’s Eye

20 x 15 inches


Relaxing against a warm mountainside; you suddenly turn as the Dragon’s eye opens!

The original is available, as is a print at

The music I listened to as I painted and dreamed was Demon outside: Run, battle., by Adam Allingham- a gifted music composer.

Check out Adam’s work and songs at

His facebook page at

Visit my facebook page at

Happiest New Year to all!

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