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Do you find people’s faces interesting?

I have been painting faces for many years now- trying to improve, and always trying to show the depths beyond the surface. Every face reflects the spirit within, the emotions and complexities of the human being who wears it, and I try hard to paint this.

Please give it a watch!

My newly posted U tube slideshow video adds music to this video. The song, Inner Monologue by composer Adam Allingham sounds like a quiet reflection within the human spirit. As the paintings of many faces stream by, the music seems to draw attention to their moods, their nobility and dignity.


Listperson I

We all feel the same emotions. Joy and pain, confusion and forbearance. Celebration of life’s wonders is universal; as are bewilderment and exhaustion of the soul.


Father and Son

If we can remember to hold the dear ones closely, even when they have grown far away, we can feel the glow of them resound within.


When Middle Age Fairies Dance in the Moonlight

If we can remember to dance when it is warranted, we will feel alive.



In times of trouble we can hold onto the knowledge that this too shall pass. And reach out for the help that we need from the others who have already been there. As well as to our Higher Power.

chief last horse blog

Chief Last Horse

And with faith in ourselves, let our beautiful human spirit shine on.

I hope you enjoy our video, that we have managed to show that shining human spirit in the way we have presented it. Special thanks to Russ Cahn for his great production work, to Adam Allingham for his beautiful composition.

From me to you, who stop by to read my blog- Thank You

Shine on ,all!