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That’s my big news this week- a video posted on U Tube. If this link doesn’t work, type a search on my name, Patricia Allingham Carlson, on u tube and it’ll come up.

12 pennypack

I had the joy of camping in some beautiful places this past summer. We sight-see and hike during the days, cook at our trailer and relax by the campfire at night.

This kind of semi rustic travel brings me comfortably right into the heart of nature, away from the chores and stresses of home, and restores me. Then when I get home, I am recharged, ready and good to go.

My son is an aspiring musical composer, and one evening at twilight in the middle of the Catskill mountains I was playing his songs. I gazed around me at the lofty clouds drifting by the mountains, the colors changing with deep sunset, and was thrilled by his music accompanying it all.

1Dreaming on a mountain

It occurred to me to put together a video; Adam’s music to a slideshow of my nature landscape paintings.

Back burner on that one, for it was home to the usual, and then some. My big art show season had us at hard prep and then full weekends of early mornings and setting up and taking down at outdoor art festivals. Next my fall session of art classes started up, and all the while my wonderful daughter and her husband had a wonderful new little baby.

Two weeks ago my video idea began to nag again, and I began to research how to make one. I quickly became bewildered by the technology, and started asking for guidance. And up stepped a Facebook friend, Russ. He volunteered to put it together for me. That was awesome, Russ.

19 the lakehouse

He showed me how to set up a drop box account, then how to load in the images and music MP3 for the slideshow. Russ felt his programs made this video fairly easy for him to put together- though it boggled the low tech me. We worked together- by on line messaging, tweaked and critiqued. My husband stepped in to offer higher resolution images. After an intense weekend of back and forth Russ had it done. We posted it on U Tube, and congratulated each other. Then Russ asked- when do we make the next one?

Twilight dreams, never met friend’s hard work, beautiful music, all came together with my paintings of the places I have been in, loved, and tried to paint the spirit of. I think our video is lovely. Hope you do too.

22indian river sunset

Thank you Russ, for the kindly volunteered hard work. You said it was fun for you- but it took a lot of your own precious time, and you just polished it. Russ’s cool Facebook page-


Thank you Adam Allingham for creating the beautiful music that has been an inspiration for my art. Adam’s Facebook page for more awesome music- click on more, than band page-


I hope you like the video. It was  fun and exciting to make, and it feels really good to help make your dreams happen for real.

Hope you have a fine November day!