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I have just completed a new watercolor painting I called Carousel. It is inspired by the song composed by my son, Adam Carlson Allingham.

I have two adult children, a daughter and a son. A writer and a musician respectively, though both  also have the other’s talent, as well as art talent. So it seems to be, the arts cross over lines and share muses often.

This blog is about my son- the musician.

When Adam was small he experienced many ear infections. I eventually became an expert in otitis media- and not by choice. As a result of these infections, and unknown to us, he frequently heard little. In turn his speech was somewhat delayed.

He had frequent runs to his pediatrician, who treated him appropriately- but  his episodes of hearing loss went undetected.

Sometimes he appeared to be withdrawn, dreamy.

Some people questioned his cognitive functioning.

But I was his mother, and knew the bright soul inside him.

In the morning he sang in his crib while waiting to get up. He danced and sang to the music on his tv shows. When he was able to hear, he was all about music.

When he was almost three, we took him camping. As we stood by a beautiful pond in the bright daylight, he clearly spoke-

“the sunshine is dancing on the water”.  It was a beautiful observation, stated poetically for his young age. His problem was auditory, not cognitive.

As a three and a half year old, he finally was tested at the right time, and the doctor told me he heard much of life like he was under water. Adam had some minor surgery, and his problem was fixed. And he bloomed from then on.

Adam studied trombone in school, learned guitar and then began to self teach keyboard. He sang beautifully. As a band student he was talented, same with chorus groups. And then he began to compose his own music.

In his own way.

If you listen to his songs you can hear his explorations, as well as the unique way he creates mood and feelings from the notes.

He wishes to create an atmosphere separate from now; one that conveys the human condition through combination of notes and melodies. There you can find hope and despair, yearning and mystery.

For me, his music is like sunlight dancing on the water; sometimes the water darkens with rain, or cascades wildly over falls.

Sometimes it just sparkles with clarity.

Adam has made me a CD of his music, I listen when I paint. The music paints pictures in my spirit, takes me to a zone where I can create very freely.

I think the music would be a natural enhancement to cinema and television productions, for someone in  that industry.

His song, Carousel resounds with tenderness, longing and mystery; it caused me to try to paint just that into my watercolor.

DSCN9265_22727beginning the sketch



I wish to create something deeper than paper when I paint.

Listening to his song, Carousel, I wanted to paint a carousel in time, beyond time, spinning on with wild horses and mystery.

This blank blur of colors seemed to have the structure that suggested a carousel, so I sketched it in and painted it as such.

I hope I painted deeper than paper, just as my son created music deeper than tone.
<photo id=”1″ /><photo id=”2″ />

please click on this link to hear the Song Carousel, by Adam Allingham , as well as others he has composed:


On a final note, I have been urging Adam to produce a CD from his haunting compositions, others have also expressed an interest in this.
Join me if you enjoy his music at his bandpage, go to his fb page and tell him to get that CD made!


Thanks from a Mom