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So you have a couple of hours to create your art, but you have nothing to express. GRRR- doesn’t that irk you?

I think it happens to all of us- the Muse takes her vacation from the writer, the musician, the painter, the poet. Finally some time in your busy life to create, and you create garbage!

The next time you get a chance in your art work space, you take out the awful painting you did, and are ready to tear it up. But instead, make a random cover up on it. Wet the mess, splatter on some opaque colors, thin them with water to allow some of the underlying patterns to show, press textures into the paint, sprinkle it with white ink, then let it dry. Walk away form the “art”.


This is one such creation of mine, an ugly painting I covered with color and patterns randomly. Out of the ashes can rise something interesting. When dry I turn the painting in all four orientations, stand across the room and try to see something in it.


I saw the vague suggestion of a landscape, so I looked through the reference photos I had previously taken. I make albums of these on facebook, there for me to look through when needed. One photo of a woodland stream on a foggy day was a match- so I painted it in. Here I begin by sketching with white pastel.


The shoreline and trees are then painted in with indigo and blue, colors fading into the fog as I paint the background. I try to use the forms that chance created as I paint in this manner. Doing so seems to add to the naturalness of the painting- I allow the muse her own input.


Done- Misty Creek.

The darker colors give the hazy colors the structure they need. The colorful background is there from the start, it only needed a composition superimposed on it.

Painting in this way feels very freeing to me. It gives me the ability to mess up with impunity- so what if it looks bad, it was a wreck anyway!

This attitude, in turn, can allow you to paint from a deeper place within; find something you would not have thought of in conscious or directed thought.

And it is fun!

Have a good day, and a week where you find some beauty in your world.