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Textures- and watercolor- a continued source of fascination and challenge to me. I have purchased many books to learn how other artists have textured their paintings. I have seen and tried many; adding salt, dishwasher rinse fluid, rubbing alcohol, wax crayon, charcoal, powdered graphite, fabric, cassette tape, more. I have imagined experiments, including covering paint with snow and into the garden soil and leaves.

Recently I wondered what sand would do with watercolor.

Here is my experiment-

DSCN8439_21908 I prepared two pieces of paper by taping them firmly to a rigid surface.

DSCN8441_21864I draw wax around the edges to contain the wet paint on the paper.

DSCN8442_21865I put a handful of sand on the paper.DSCN8444_21867I drew on it with my finger, then sparyed it wet.

DSCN8445_21914wet sand.DSCN8446_21869I dripped paint onto the wet sand.DSCN8447_21870Yee- ha- having fun here!

DSCN8465_21934It took a couple of days for the mess to dry; here is how it looked with the dry sand brushed off. Hmmm…

I posted this on my facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Art-of-Patrcia-Allingham-Carlson/151439547637 and got a comment from Irene Palowski that it looked like a car. A car? I had never painted a car before. I was intrigued, so I tackled a Cadillac! Thank you Irene.



caddy-fbAnd done-

A classic Pink Cadillac cruises  through the universe, glowing with wild colors. A vehicle with some energy for sure! This painting is 15 x 11 inches and available for sale, original and print.

As an artist who chooses to paint nature and spirit, I never would have chosen this subject matter if it hadn’t shown up in my experiment. And that is what I love about experimenting; new discoveries. Plus I get to play with messy materials, and that is just plain fun!

Have a very good day.