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To paint something you have seen, or is in front of you is something most artists do.

I admire the work of abstract painters; they paint space and objects from a different point of view.

A recent work of mine was derived from a different source- a memory.

While driving past an apartment complex I was enveloped in a wave of nostalgia. Several family members had lived there long ago, my daughter had spent time there as a baby with her aunt, the strong emotions of life had been lived there and passed. The feeling came to me that I had existed in this very place and was driving through a previous time; now existing in my present. How to convey this, the passing of time felt and seen , existing still as memory?

I drove home to my studio and began by painting a single figure, that of a girl in blue beside a tree. The memory layers built from there.


I was chasing an idea I had, I started with a girl, then a couple. The girl represented the beginning, standing with a young tree, growing herself up. The embracing couple was a metaphor for another stage of life.



I masked in a sphere, representing the circle, the sun, the cycle of time. For me, this passed in a way that brought a ranch house to the couple, then a child. The trees grow taller around them all. Next to join the group was  a larger home, with a small family just moving in. A woman drifted in with a tree of her own.


I wanted to pull the figures together, so I wet the paper and added a layer of color. Splatters from a toothbrush were also added.


I then removed the masking to let the orb show. I added
an apartment complex behind the green woman, an iris garden, and group of men, relatives posing for a photo in the sun from long ago.


Next layers of white paint were spattered on. To me this felt like the mist of nebulous memory. A dog and cat were added as in my own life. Some layers of dark for depth-



Tapestry of Memories

Life is a beautiful and rich thing, comprised of the times we have spent, the experiences which have built us, the people we have been able to know. All of us have our own unique memories, and are our unique selves.

What would your tapestry look like?

I am very grateful for mine. Have a good day!