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I adore seeing texture in my surroundings- in old wood and sanded wood, sand and moss, fur, flowers, and in artwork-

As I work primarily in watercolor, texture must be more implied than actual.

One of my explorations has led me to use rice paper in my paintings. Many collages with rice paper have had actually textured surfaces, but I also use it to imprint texture on the paper.


Here I have wet my paper, crumpled rice paper and wet it onto the surface, then dropped colors onto the rice paper. I had a landscape in mind.


The next day it was dry.


I carefully peeled off the rice paper and was left with this-


Painting in the trees along the path full of blossoms suggested by the colors.


adding detail, painting texture in with brush and spatter


Detailing, developing and done! Purple Pathway II

I hope you have a beautiful Springtime.

A big Thank you to artist/author Peggy Gabrielson for her beautiful E-Zine she created of my artwork!