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Here is how my last post began-

Here’s the scenario- you finally get some time to create your art… and you don’t have ANY IDEAS! Maybe you’re tired, or stressed.

Or maybe your Muse went on vacation.

You can try putting on your favorite music, lighting your scented candle, going inward to meditate, all your muse inducing tricks- but when they just don’t work?

That is when I try art play.


I left off with this image of my painting. If you’d like to see how I created it to this point, please refer back to my last blog.

This work in progress was very unorganized, and I set it off to simmer for a while as I worked on my next painting idea. I do this a lot! If a painting has no clues for me of where to take it next, I will put it away for several weeks, months… even years!

Later I will take out old works and lean them up against the walls in my studio. For days I may gaze at them in passing, waiting for the right time; one will grab my attention and whisper just where it could go next. Sometimes they shout too!

This one finally told me it needed a central focal point, a person to tell its story. A woman whose hair was suggested by the curves on the right side.


It took a huge snow blizzard that took out my area’s power last February to bring me back to explore this painting. With my extended family staying with us since we had a generator, I worked upstairs on the kitchen counter on my art, using the daylight to paint. I used opaque white ink to fill in the form of  woman, looking and reaching for the moon with a chance moon in her heart. Now, truth be know, this is a symbol for me. I am entranced by the beautiful moon in the night sky, often step outside at night to gaze up and let my heart be filled with the wonder of the universe. I have spoken to many others who do the same, and believe it to be an action taken and felt by many  throughout the history of life on earth.

A start, but too flat: it needed depth.


Here I have enriched the colors with glazing, and added shadows and dark colors to bring out the feeling of space in the work. I worked on the woman’s face, but didn’t care for the expression. More work needed.


At this point I was ready to be done- but still did not like the woman’s face. I put her away for several more days, choosing to work on another painting that was demanding to be completed.


I opened her lips, closed her eyes and she was complete. Now she expressed what I wished to convey- the wonder and heartfelt empathy with her sister, the moon. She is titled Moonheart.

Created from a doodle, this is a painting is unlike anything I would have done from a planned vision. This allowed me a new idea, approach, means to communicate a concept through art.

I was honored by Mark, of Platform 58, to have this painting included in his beautiful E-Zine publication-


Mark’s facebook page is :

https://www.facebook.com/platform58?hc_location=timeline. CIO

To all of you with the moon, sun, stars in your hearts- have a wonderful week.