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Reflections on Alone.
Reflections on Alone: Up before the dawn, the sky was black,streaming rain and mist, driving
tired, dark and cold .Only the bright lights from a convenience store showed the woman in the road, alone. Detached, separate and resigned.
12″ x 16″

So the vision was in my head, based on a surreal early morning experience while driving through a dark rainy early morning. My errand was stressful and I almost struck a woman who was walking near the middle of the street.

This experience was so disturbing that it needed an expression through art to release it. The next day I drove back to the spot and took several reference photos.

Looking at plain white paper can be inhibiting to the creative process. I have used many methods to mark up the paper, making it a flawed surface that seems to free me to paint more intuitively. Plain white paper can make me paint stiffly, afraid to wreck the clean austerity ; marked up paper invites me to play.

Adding a powdered graphite base to the paper can open up texture, depth and a while new approach to watercolor painting.


Starting with a sketch on watercolor paper, but you do not need any sketch; you may just rely on chance and patterns.


water, brush, container of powdered graphite. I think the graphite is used to stop squeaky doors.


I wet the paper with water anywhere I do not want the graphite to stick- that is where I want white paper. I get it real wet, not damp.


I sprinkle the graphite over the wet paper,


then take it right outside- messy part.
I have a container of water already out there. You could also use a hose. Don’t let it sit around long at this point or it won’t wash off right.
I pour the water over the paper, washing off the excess. How you pour it makes different patterns.


So this is the created underpainting.
Wherever the paper was wet you now see the white.
I find this an exciting way to start a painting, the intimidating blank paper is gone, you can now paint anything you want.


When the paper is dry I begin to paint in my idea with watercolor paint. I begin with the background, allowing the unique patterns formed by the graphite to guide my painting. The paint will show most brightly on the preserved white paper.


Reflections on Alone. Add to the image with a song by Adam Allingham, a talented composer friend click on the link:https://soundcloud.com/adam-allingham/rain-like-heartbreak

I often use my art as a catharsis for deeply felt events in my life. As you look back at your own created artwork, do you see the love, awe, pain, fear, and hope you have experienced? Is it hidden in symbolism or color use or spelled out as an illustration?

As I paint my feelings and events I process them, relive them and gain a deeper understanding of what they meant to me.

How about you?

Your comments are welcome- and I hope you have a happy day.

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