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DSCN4858_17926How well do you know your medium?

How well do you know your medium?

Watercolor is my choice medium, though I love them all. I took the time the other day to check mine out.
Some colors go on, and if you don’t like them, you can lift them off with water on a brush and a paper towel.
Other colors go on and there they will stay. You are stuck with them. Good to know which is which!
Same goes with light fastness. Though it is generally a very bad idea to hang a painting of any type in direct sunlight, some watercolor paint will fade more quickly than others. Many paints are actually rated for good light fastness, and will usually cost more money for it.
I made up a test paper, and brushed each of my palette colors on. Then I did some research and made some notes on the paper about the nature of each color; just to see how well  the information applied to what I was using.

After they were dry, I painted a wet paintbrush over each color swipe and gently blotted with a paper towel.
Some colors came off very easily; some had deeply stained the paper and were never to leave.
Good to know.
Next test occurred to me because a very old painting of mine had lost its signature. My name had faded into oblivion with time.
So I used my favorite pens and wrote on the paper their brand names and the date.
Last this test paper will go into my window for a month or so, and I will check how the colors and pens hold up in the sunlight.
Better on the test than on a work you have poured your heart into.

Have a wonderful month of December.