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I like to give my artwork a Good title. The way I see it, a title is the only way to give an auditory voice to a painting, as well as a way to identify it. For example, what do you think when you read “The Faerie Queen” or “Crossing the Creek”? How about when you read “Untitled” or “work # 16”? See what I mean?

I just completed a new work, and was at a loss for a title. I put it out there for my facebook followers for ideas, and was delighted by the response from a guy named Russ. He saw a story I was missing; it amused as well as described the three trees by a stream.

Sometimes the obscure can be useful in titling art, sometimes the obvious. Either way, a good title enhances the hard work and the meaning you invest in your work.

Russ wrote-“[title it]A casual conversation with junior…’
Because it looks like two parent trees (Ents) are talking to their sibling (sapling hehe) ) OR Ents: Gossip by the River”   So the title is now Ents: Gossip by the River, thanks Russ!

Have a good day, I hope you find something beautiful in it. faerie-queen crossing ents